Router configuration or setup 2nd Router for extend Wi-Fi area.

There are only 3-step, You Can Follow the steps

Number 1: you choose a second router and the router needs to connect your laptop or desktop PC or any device. and you need to go to the router dashboard. Here is everything firstly you net change the default or old wifi user password, New save it. remember do not restart your router because when you finish everything then me you don’t restart your router.
Number 2: go to DHCP setting / DHCP server,( here default have enabled) you do disable it.
Number 3: Go to the network menu Find LAN from there and change your IP address. because you need to be different from IP, you change the last number of the IP address example 123 or anything, you save this.

Finally, you find a notice for forest at your router, and you reset the router.

How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

There are 4 ways that you can choose to increase the maximum upload file size in WordPress. 1. Use our plugin (easy) 2. Update .htaccess file (hard)

upload_max_filesize – set this to a value > than your backup post_max_size – set this to a value > than your backup memory_limit – set this to a value […]

Call in JavaScript

Call Apply Bind এই তিন মেথড খুব গুরুত্তপুর্ন ।, arg1,arg2,….,argn) function.apply(thisArg, [array]) function.bind(thisArg [, arg1[, arg2[, …]]]   প্রথমে আমরা লক্ষ্য করি যে নিছের উদাহারনটির

function wThis() এর ভিতরে যে This টি আছে তা গ্লোবাল This  হিসেবে আছে  বা Window this হিসেবে আছে । তাই name নামের কিছু না পাওয়া এর মান undefined […]

JavaScript’s “Use Strict”

use strict : “use strict”; Defines that JavaScript code should be executed in “strict mode”. Strict mode : Strict mode defines that you can not use any variable before initializing it. It is a restricted variant of ECMAScript 5, for faster performance and easier debugging. Sometimes you’ll see the default, non-strict mode referred to as “sloppy mode“. […]