If you learn simple customizations to use WordPress,then you can create your sites. 

But when you need a WordPress developer or lear to Developing, if you want to create a website for any organization or personal work of your choice with different functionality, you have to add a lot of things that you can’t do if you want, but they will make to you as like you demand or system.will make it the way you feel comfortable using it. They also will give to you. 

Developers also make different themes and plugins and different tools to take advantage of different WordPress of your theme and CMS System. Where will work You can’t learn without learning in general So you need to know PHP and HTML CSS JavaScript

There are many WordPress sites that users can use at any time if they use for free. The main thing is that WordPress is a completely free system which is also very user friendly for people. 

We use free themes from wordpress.org. There are also many marketplaces that have premium themes and don’t give away free speech with them. A

And There are plugin platforms from which we usually download plugins and use from that to enhance our themes,customize in theme

 but you can set up for your company or your personal WordPress developer for wordpress advance work .

A wordpress developer also do that-

– theme development

 – plugin development

 – security and management development

– Have a more Development scope for developers when you need to anything you can ask any developer, if able to do that must be will do for you if able to do that .